The parent company for The Roll-A-Bout Knee Walker, Phoenix Medical Solutions, offers it's loyal customers for their help in identifying and referring new patients. Satisfied customers are one of our greatest resources in finding new prospective patients for our devices and services. By helping us find these new patients, Phoenix Medical Solutions will provide cash rewards.

Criteria and Process Requirements:

Referred patients must be for new business only. Referred patients must sign a rental contract and complete the contract in order for the current patient to qualify for the refund.

Award Criteria:

Phoenix Medical Solutions will award its referring patient with a check for 10% of the new patient’s rental or purchase. A patient may receive multiple checks for 10% of rental or purchase cost. Checks will be mailed out to patients after the referred patient has completed their rental period or sale.

Important Notes:

Phoenix Medical Solutions Client Referral Program described herein is effective on January 10, 2011. Phoenix Medical Solutions reserves the right in its sole discretion to alter, amend, modify, change or discontinue any of the plan's terms described herein without prior notice. Phoenix Medical Solutions retains sole discretion and authority to interpret all aspects of the plan including, but not limited to: criteria, eligibility, amount and/or frequency of payments, and whether such payments will be made. Phoenix Medical Solutions sales staff will record the client provided Qualified Lead information and date of entry for tracking, verification, opportunity qualification, follow-up and award processing.

Smoothest Customer Service

“I had a most excellent all a round Roll-a-BOUT experience! From the beginning of the phone call to order, to the end of my use, it has been one of the smoothest customer service experiences I’ve had in a long time!!”