HSA and FSA cards accepted

The only knee walker trusted by Doctors for over 25 years.

The only off-centered platform available - for a safe and comfortable stride.

Keep your freedom and mobility during your recovery.


The Roll-A-Bout Knee Walker is a positive alternative to crutches and wheelchairs and allows for greater mobility, stability, safety and ease while recovering from foot and ankle injury or surgery.

Why use The Roll-A-Bout Knee Walker?

  • More stable and easier to use than other knee walkers with our patented anti-tip frame
  • Allows you to remain in your normal posture
  • Move as quickly as before by maintaining your walking stride
  • The only Doctor-recommended knee walker for more than 25 years
  • You can rent or buy, depending on your needs
  • Reduces chances of blood clots and pressure ulcers
  • Less chance of wrist, arm, shoulder, and back pain
  • Adaptable to suit your body height and weight
  • Smaller, easier to use than a wheelchair
Knee walker model Steerable SW-500

Patented off-centered frame for
safety and greater mobility

Knee walker model All-Terrain ATV-500

Firm padding and heavy duty frames
for extra comfort and support

Gave me freedom & confidence!

“The Roll-A-Bout gave me freedom & confidence I didn’t find with crutches. It was a lifesaver for me”