Roll-A-Bout is the original and #1 doctor-recommended knee walker

For over 25 years, The Roll-A-Bout remains the most trusted name in knee walker devices. We take pride in our patented designs, customer service, and uncompromising dedication to delivering you the highest quality knee walkers available to keep you mobile and active in your daily life.


History of the Roll-A-Bout

The Roll-A-Bout began its start in 1994, when a Delaware engineer devised a way for a Doctor to continue working despite having just broken his foot. The original Standard model, the patented RA-250, was born and quickly gained in popularity. It became the first Doctor recommended knee walker on the market.

Since its creation, The Roll-A-Bout has added a number of different models to accommodate every type of patient and lifestyle. These models, including the Standard Model QA-250, Steerable SW-500 and Steerable All-Terrain SW-500, allow for patients of every age and size to take advantage of recovering the way they want to and with little break in their normal routine.

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